Within Me

I feel like a monster because, I’ve swallowed all the good in me

The moments where laughs and smiles came so easily

Tears of pain would mean release at the end

Now, there’s nothing more… not even a friend

My face is always stern

There’s no more to yearn, only things I’d like burn

I’m not settled In a place I’d like to be

There’s only a shell of me

I can’t see the world from a good emotional state

There no love in me, only hate

I’m to the point of always watching out for me

This needs to be done in order for me to be free

The love, hurt and lies …this is what killed me inside

There’s no more trust, connection
Or  reflection 

Just a place to sit in an empty body where there’s no pain

This is all of me…the cruel, unusual and insane


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