A Daughters Pain

She hates us

We disgrace her

She wants us to disappear

She wants her mother to reappear 

She wants to yell at her for all the things she did wrong

In her eyes its been way too long  

She wants to scream at her and make her cry

She wants to make her feel like she wants to die

There’s no more hugs, no more cries 

There’s only hurt inside

The pain she goes through is so severe 

She pushes ever one away, and refuses to have us near 

The person she wants is no longer here to listen 

She’s not here to wipes her eyes and say everything is okay

She not here to keep her demons or her daughters demon at bay

We don’t want to sleep knowing she’s in such pain

We wish we could take the pain away

We want to keep her demons at bay 

If only she wanted us stay



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