Wondering Mind

My mind still wonders

Who am I and what should I do

Because the past is gone and the present to

I barely know myself as there are some days that are blank

I feel like a big mistake, a joke and its all on me

Sometimes I can barely breathe

There are mornings where I panic because I don’t know where I am, and who’s there

I don’t recognize anyone anywhere

I can barely put words together as I studder

A man comes to me and tells me where in this together

I don’t recognize this man but, he takes my and tells me he understands

He says he knows things don’t seem right but. he’ll stay with me throughout the night

He tells me it’s okay to cry, as he’ll hold me close because, he knows my worth

He shows me a book and tells me to write how I feel down because, they’ll be days like this when he’s not around

He says I’m stronger then I feel and his love is real

He wrapped his arms around me and told me it’s okay to feel .



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