To Hide Behind the Light

The lights are always bright
As the dark comforts me

It doesn’t remind me to see

I can find my way around by touch

For me…this is enough

There are no reflections that keep me down

There are no shadows around

I can speak comfortable with no fears

I can be myself, as I’ve been for many years

It isn’t for people around to see

This darkness is only for me

Let me stay in the darkness where I’m not confused for another


Where my presence don’t inflict pain

To not to strike tears of a lost one

Yes, I’ll hide in the dark

This is to create a new start for all of us

I leave you with this…my pain is real. For I wake up in a room always in light. For this causes no wonderment but, a pain in my heart. It’s a reminder of the missing person who use to be here. It’s a constant reminder of fear and what will never be. Apart of me is her, as her appearance is known.

I’m just in…her already made home



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