The Other Side

There are times I feel alone

There are times when my ears rings with voices

Sometimes I listen and sometimes not

They all know what to say

They say keep calm and well make everything go away

They never ask me of my troubles for they already know

They are there when I’m low

They know I feel this way when I have nowhere to go

I start feeling like a lost cause for I have nothing to give

They ask me to trade my life for them to live

See these voices can seem light, nice and friendly

But they turn when I say no, and turn deadly

They say dark things and touch my hair

They tell me not to be scared

They tell me do as they say, and everything will be okay

The wanted me to promise not to leave

They say they have special secrets they can retrieve

They say that they;ll look like me and no one will every be the wiser

They said they’ll take me somewhere in between and higher

I’ll have no pain, worries or emotion

I’ll be like a breeze on the ocean

I stopped my questions for I knew that they were up to no good, and I couldn’t allow that to happen

I stood up to walk away but fell down

I was told I’m weak and I should stay around

I shook my head and said no

I held my head up and said it’s time for me to go

They told me to stick around and enjoy they show, no one and I mean no one will know

A big screen appeared and showed letters that said this is for you

I sat down and watched what was on the screen…it was me but, there was no sound

I watched a life that wasn’t mine but another

She seemed taller, brighter and had a lot to offer

I’m in a body with an opposite mind

I feel like I’m trapped in time

Half of this life is gone that I know of

I have nothing to remember to show

How am I know things before it’s time to go

Am I meant to do something other then this presence

When I go will there we a light or am I to stay in between this place doomed to have everything erased



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