The Ones Inside We Call Us

The truth has come but, I’m not happy

I went in with confusion and doubt

I didn’t know what all this was about

The news felt unreal, as this is a big deal

The rest of my life now doesn’t feel free

I feel I’ll never know me, or truly be able to see

Who am I and how and why has this begun

Everyday feels like a curse to not remember what has been done

Did I do something to piss someone off

I now feel truly alone like being outside of the glass

This is not a symptom…this will last

What is this new lives within me and how do they feel

Probably just like me…unreal

Are we to fight for a position at any cause

Am I to sit back and see the lost

Have they been taken from a life they once knew

Are we all doomed to be what we are due

We hold separate feelings and different lives

I’m sure we all miss what we truly had inside

I know we can only communicate on paper

Will we all agree to stay together

Will we take this and live for just each of us and walk away to whats around


Or will we be together and be bound



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