A Bleeding Heart

I show myself when no one is around

I show myself when you are out of town

For your actions lead me heartbroken

I feel like in your yes I’m just a token

Something to say I was just here

But as you continue to walk away, I’m in fear

I thought everything was going alright

Lately, only to me your always uptight

No matter what I do nothing feels right

I miss when things were okay

I miss when you said you would stay

Now, I see you, and all you do is walk forward and fast

I know you no longer want me around

Some how I’ve broken you and you’ve cast me to the ground

I’m sorry I can’t bring the person you want back

I know you need her in your life

A piece of her leaving strike you like a sharp knife

Please know it wasn’t her intention to go

She couldn’t hold on any longer

Her mind didn’t grow stronger

I’m afraid her mind broke in pieces

Her heart is no longer here

She will never appear

I’m sorry she’s gone and this place feels like a dome

Neither one of us feels like this is our home

I know I’m not your mom but, I can do my best to be there for you

Whatever it is I’ll help you get through


(for our youngest who hurt shows through, for the absence of her mom)



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